10 Years of Understanding

Change Couch

Change Couch

It is the couch where you can sit and rethink about your life, and zooming your worldview. By thinking about your values, meaning of your life, and your feelings. On this couch, you will explore yourself more and change need to be changed.

Flash your life that you already know but see it in different angels to understand it more and clarify things.

The guide on this couch is combination of different therapy approaches such as, CBT cognitive behavioral therapy, IPT interpersonal Psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, DBT dialectical behavioral therapy, existential Therapy and Reality therapy.

You would sit on change couch if you:
— Lost interest in things you used to enjoy.
— Feel down most of the time or your mood gets change during the day.
— Got diagnose with mental health disorder i.e. Depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADHD, and you’re on medication.
— Could not control your anger.
— Get frustrated more than usual.
— Feel anxious most of the time.
— Feel confused and does not know what to do.
— Could not make hard decision.
— Lost the meaning of your life.
— Struggle to adjust new change in your life.
— Want to improve the quality of your life and achieve more goals.