10 Years of Understanding

About Us

Purple Couch is nonjudgmental couch, where you can shut your personal filter off and talk about what is in your mind, because your worlds won’t be judged or disclosed to anyone. There is no norms or frames you have to fit in except your own worldview and value system. The purple couch accepts you to feel safe, secured, and understood. The color purple of the couch helps you to be in the middle between the extreme hot red and cold blue, and inspires the wisdom and rational vibes.

When your life gets cloudy and start to feel dark because of clouds that’s fill out your life. Or when this clouds and down mood affects your way of interactions with your loved ones and you don't feel attach to them or able to communicate well with them, and you don't know where to start and your body starts talking about the pain and your attention and enthusiasm is gone. Remember that you are not alone in this world and I am here to listen to your fears, worries, doubts, and misunderstands.

I will help you to enlighten the dark sides of your life and you are the expert of your life and know it more than me, you will help me direct the light on therapy. No matter how long being in dark under the clouds, your life will be bright again.

On the purple couch you can talk confidentially about your own issues or with significant ones; partner, kids, siblings, friends, coworkers, and relatives. Weather they are with you or not.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding mental health treatment by qualified professionals within a private and confidential environment.

To Educate society about mental health and raise awareness about mental health disorders.

To prevent emotional and physical abuse toward people with mental health conditions; inside the Purple Couch Clinic respects every individual’s human rights and defends the stigma that society places on mental health disorders.

Our Vision

We envision seeing people better educated about mental health and know the difference between each spirituality and to know the qualifications of each one; and when to reach out to them.

We would like to see society accept mental health disorders as well as the physical issues and know how to treat them by choosing the right professional for each condition.

We envision professionals being aware of the rights of all people with mental health conditions and their confidentiality based on code of ethics for the mental health profession.