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About us

Purple Couch is nonjudgmental couch, where you can shut your personal filter off and talk about what is in your mind, because your worlds won’t be judged or disclosed to anyone. There is no norms or frames you have to fit in except your own worldview and value system. The purple couch accepts you to feel safe, secured, and understood. The color purple of the couch helps you to be in the middle between the extreme hot red and cold blue, and inspires the wisdom and rational vibes.

When your life gets cloudy and start to feel dark because of clouds that’s fill out your life. Or when this clouds and down mood affects your way of interactions with your loved ones and you don't feel attach to them or able to communicate well with them, and you don't know where to start and your body starts talking about the pain and your attention and enthusiasm is gone. Remember that you are not alone in this world and I am here to listen to your fears, worries, doubts, and misunderstands.

I will help you to enlighten the dark sides of your life and you are the expert of your life and know it more than me, you will help me direct the light on therapy. No matter how long being in dark under the clouds, your life will be bright again.

On the purple couch you can talk confidentially about your own issues or with significant ones; partner, kids, siblings, friends, coworkers, and relatives. Weather they are with you or not.

Our Mission

To provide outstanding mental health treatment by qualified professionals within a private and confidential environment.

To Educate society about mental health and raise awareness about mental health disorders.

To prevent emotional and physical abuse toward people with mental health conditions; inside the Purple Couch Clinic respects every individual’s human rights and defends the stigma that society places on mental health disorders.

Our Vision

We envision seeing people better educated about mental health and know the difference between each spirituality and to know the qualifications of each one; and when to reach out to them.

We would like to see society accept mental health disorders as well as the physical issues and know how to treat them by choosing the right professional for each condition.

We envision professionals being aware of the rights of all people with mental health conditions and their confidentiality based on code of ethics for the mental health profession.

Meet Ragda

Being a Saudi female, who was born and raised in Makkah, and grow up in Saudi culture specially western region is such an honor and great chance to understand the western Saudi society. Then living abroad in Denver Colorado for more than six year, and had friends from different cultures and backgrounds, weather different Saudi cultures, Arab cultures and no Arab culture weather western or eastern cultures was a great exposure form me to understand multi cultures and accept the differences.

Being therapist it is dream of my life, which was started in high school, where I used to listen to people issues, and wish to understand more of human behaviors and personalities. This dream was coming over and over, after I got My B.S' degree in chemistry from UQU, I was good to know chemicals but I was not good to deal with, which opened the door for old dream to come again. After That, I got high diploma in education and I figure out that I am not a chemical person, I am a people person. Which motivated me to continue my higher education in human since so I can understand people and their behaviors, and personalities. So I earned Master's degree with first honor from University of Colorado Denver, in counseling psychology for individuals, couples, family and kids. And I become a member of The American counseling association ACA and American Mentalhelath association AMHCA. Play therapy association APT, and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. Theses associations keeps me updated of new interventions and techniques in counseling psychology for adults, couples, family, and kids.

On the other hand, spending part of my life abroad exposed me to different cultures and backgrounds where I learned how to understand others more. Working with multicultural clients in Denver, open the door form me to accept diverse cultures and background and help them on their own worldview and values.

The first time I was on the therapist chair I felt I am on the right chair. Where I enjoy listening to people, diagnosing, links the issues together, and in light the solutions. The best moment for me on the chair when I see my client smile again and ready to live his life happy.

I'm certified on level 3 as Gottman Therapist for couple therapy.

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Our Couches

You always fit on the Purple Couch

Change Couch Change

Change Couch

Change Couch

It is the couch where you can sit and rethink about your life, and zooming your worldview. By thinking about your values, meaning of your life, and your feelings. On this couch, you will explore yourself more and change need to be changed.

Flash your life that you already know but see it in different angels to understand it more and clarify things.

The guide on this couch is combination of different therapy approaches such as, CBT cognitive behavioral therapy, IPT interpersonal Psychotherapy, gestalt therapy, DBT dialectical behavioral therapy, existential Therapy and Reality therapy.

You would sit on change couch if you:
— Lost interest in things you used to enjoy.
— Feel down most of the time or your mood gets change during the day.
— Got diagnose with mental health disorder i.e. Depression, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, bipolar disorder, OCD, ADHD, and you’re on medication.
— Could not control your anger.
— Get frustrated more than usual.
— Feel anxious most of the time.
— Feel confused and does not know what to do.
— Could not make hard decision.
— Lost the meaning of your life.
— Struggle to adjust new change in your life.
— Want to improve the quality of your life and achieve more goals.

Love Couch Love

Love Couch

Love Couch

It is a couch that hugs you and your partner or future partner to give you space to talk about your relationship. On this couch, you will focus on the quality of your relationship and rethink about the love and intimacy in your relationship. On this couch couple talks about their emotional and physical needs and clarify the miscommunication between them. Sitting on the love couch prove your love to your partner and increase the love between you. The couple therapy on love couch is directed by different couple therapy approaches; Gottman, Sue Johnson and CBT for couples.

You and your partner can be on love couch if you:
— Want to know if your future partner is the right person for you.
— Have different values and cultures than your loved partner.
— Want to establish a healthy relationship with your partner.
— Feelings toward your partner are changed and lost your interest.
— Feel lonely in your current relationship or marriage.
— Have difficulty to communicate with your partner.
— Involve in external relationship of your marriage.
— Thinking of divorce or want to adjust life after divorce.

Play Couch Play

Play Couch

Play Couch

On this, couch kids sit and jump to play, because the play is the kids' language that they use to express their feelings, thoughts and their issues. On the play couch, we run the play therapy with the kids, and help them to treat their psychological and emotional struggles. On play couch, the kid sits alone with the play therapist to play with all therapeutic toys and games as intervention of Jungian and Gestalt theories of play therapy. Play teraly is considered as the best methods to treat mental health issues for kids, such as depression, anxiety disorders, phobias, social anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-confident, ADHD, ADD, and adjustment disorders.

Your kid can sit on the play couch if:
— You notice change on his mood.
— He is isolated himself from others.
— You notice that he is anxious and could not relax.
— His attention is low and he could not focus.
— He is very attach to you or other caregiver.
— He have difficulty adjusting the new change in his life.
— He lost his parents or one of them by death.
— He has hard time to adjust the divorce between you and his parent.
— You want to prepare your kid for the divorce.
— His self-confidence and self-esteem is poor.
— He has chronic physical issues and he has difficulty with, like chronic illness, physical disability.

Health Couch Health

Health Couch

Health Couch

On the health couch you zoom your journey with chronic health issue that you have such as ; diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorders, infertility, hard pregnancy, depression after delivery, HIV and others.

On this couch, you will focus on the psychological aspects of your health issue, which helps you to reduce the physical and emotional difficulties of the health issues.

You can sit on the Health couch if you:
— Have difficulty to adjust the change of your physical health.
— Feeling down for having the health issue.
— Denial and could accept that you have chronic issue.
— Have negative emotions toward your health status.
— Stressed out because of the chronic health issue.

Family Couch Family

Family Couch

Family Couch

This is this is the biggest couch that hold you and your family members, weather your small family; you, your partner and kids or the bigger family of your parents and your siblings. On this couch, the family discuss their boundaries and communications issues within the family. Also, on Family couch we clarify the sub systems in the family; like parents subsystem, older kids’ subsystem. On family couch, we treat the miscommunication issues and unfinished business from the past that affect the current relationships of the family. Also, we rearrange roles in the family and balance the power and control within the family.

Family sit on Family Couch if they are:
— Having difficult time dealing with the teenager in the family.
— Faced traumatic experience; car accident, or death of family member and they cannot adjust it.
— Have different parenting styles and they confused the kids.
— Do not talk to each other.
— Have miscommunication issues.
— Confused about decision maker role.
— Cannot balance the power and control in the family.

Business Couch Business

Business Couch

Business Couch

This a practical couch for professionals who struggles with work stress, deadlines, choosing career, or changing career, balancing between work and personal life. On the business, couch professionals sit and rest of busy life that they have and think about their professional life and their struggles. They will explore their struggles and their future opportunities to achieve more goals.

On this couch, we do the EAP "employee assistant programs" that helps employees to improve their professional performance by soothing their psychological and emotional struggles in their life.

Everyone can sit on the Purple Couch. All backgrounds, religions, beliefs, faiths, cultures, races, and nationals are welcome to sit on the couch.

If you are employee in this company, please ask for your EPA sessions:
Procter & Gamble
Latham & Watkins
Kentz International
Granite Service Global
Orange Business Service
TE Connectivity
Terex Corporation


  • How do I know if I need to seek professional help?
    You need professional help or psychotherapy if you have a problem and you tried your best to solve it, but you couldn't or if you have an issue and you are confused about it, and don't know how to fix it, or if you are facing same issue with different people around you, or if the issue that you have starts affecting you physically and emotionally and affect your mood, then you need professional help.
  • What do I expect in the first session?
    The first session is an initial session where the therapist listen to your issue and take the history of the issue and ask you questions that help to understand what's going on in your life, then the next session you will get the diagnose and the treatment goals of the therapy.
  • Who has access to my file and information in the therapy?
    No one has access to your file except your psychotherapist, even the receptionist do not touch your file and it all secured and locked.
  • How often do I sit on the purple couch?
    To have a good benefit of the therapy, we recommend seeing the therapist on weekly basis or every other week, biased on your time and schedule. If you live outside Jeddah, you can arrange your session once a month and you can have more than 45 minute for the session.
  • Can I contact my therapist between sessions?
    Sure, if there is urgent thing happened between session and you want to talk to your therapist. You can call the clinic mobile and your therapist will turn back your call within 24 hour.

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The Headquarters Business Park
The Headquarters Business Park,
The Excustive Clinic, The 11th Floor.
Corniche Rd, Ash Shati, Jeddah 23511.

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