the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work
عيادة بيربل كاوتش للعلاج النفسي

About this Class

Dr. John Gottman has revolutionaized the study of marriage. After four decades of research on all facets of relationships, the Gottman Institute has developed an approach that not only supports and repairs troubled marriages, but strengthens happy ones.

Benefits of Participation in this Class or Getaway

— Provides structure, motivation, and accountability to work through materials found in 7 Principles book.
— It is encouraging to be with other couples who are also working on improving their relationships.
— It is lighthearted and less threatening than therapy, but may also be a bridge to therapy if needed.
— Helps couples articulate goals, expectations, and time frames for working on their relationship in a positive way.
— Encourages both partners to work on the relationship rather than one partner reading the book alone.
— A great resource for pre-marital couples to learn skills that will enrich thier relationship through a lifetime.

The Seven Principles Program is appropriate for

— Couples contemplating engagement.
— Pre-marital couples.
— Newlyweds.
— Couples married for decades.

How to Register

You may Register for this workshop by phone or on-line at our website. You will receive a confirmation letter within two days, If you don’t receive your confirmation at least three days prior to the class, please phone us for confirmation.

ADA Accommodations

Special needs? Please let us know how we can help you. ADA accommodations will be made in accordance with the law. If you require ADA accommodations, please let us know what your needs are at the time of registration. We cannot ensure the availability of appropriate accommodations without prior notification.

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